Organizing a wedding in this day and age is no easy feat! You have so much to think about. So many different aspects to consider... Where can I find a venue that exemplifies our personality as a couple? What kind of cuisine will we want to serve our guests? Will we have a band or a DJ? Who will officiate the wedding? What kind of photographer do we want to hire? The list of questions just goes on and on. On top of these key points, you'll have to consider your florist, what kind of decor you'll have for the ceremony as well as the reception? You'll also want to consider what kind of cake you're going to have... or, in these days if you're going to go a less traditional route. Then you're going to need to figure out what stationary you're going to send out for the "save the date" as well as the formal invitations (not to forget the guest book and programs for the ceremony).

The first thing you're going to need to do is settle on a date. You might pick a day that is special to the both of you, or perhaps a day that has significance to one of you (such as an anniversary of your grandparents). If you have no dates of special significance to either of you, you can go about it in a more practical manner by centering it around the availability of your favorite venue. Whichever reasoning you put behind picking your date, there is no right or wrong answer here. Be sure to pick a date that is going to be comfortable to you. Winter and the deep summer can certainly have their drawbacks due to the possibility of either extreme cold or hot weather. For this reason you'll find that spring and fall are the most popular seasons for couples to tie the knot.

The next most important aspect would be to ascertain your budget. In fact, this may be the most important factor, and will be a driving force for many of your decisions. Once your overall budget is set, you're going to want to figure out just what amount you can allot for everything else. You can find applications for your phone and computer, or simple paper accounting sheets to give you an easy way to visibly delineate your allotments.

We invite you to check out our articles below. Inside them you'll find great tips on what you can expect when searching for the best vendors for you and your significant other. The most important factor? Have fun! You don't get married every day, make it an experience to cherish and remember fondly forever.